We believe new features should always fit into good workflows

Take timestamped notes

Capture live notes during your sessions — and invite your team to join in. Capture insights individually or collaboratively.

Collaborate with teams

We believe research should be collaborative. Invite colleagues and make research core to how you build product.

Run mixed methods

Combine your interviews, usability studies, and unmoderated step-by-step tasks within the same project.

Observe virtually

Invite stakeholders to observe and chat with each other in a live virtual room, “behind the glass” — from anywhere in the world. 

Tag your teammates

See an important insight? Found a bug? Tag your teammates at a specific time in a recording so they won't miss out.

Invite via public links

Leverage Public Links to single live sessions or recordings. Share  without sharing access to your entire project dashboard.

screen touches
Capture screen touches

Watch and record participant touches on mobile screens during sessions. Never miss an interaction.

Create highlights

Create short, video assets of interesting moments and share with your team—during and post session!

highlight reels
Build highlight reels

Collect highlight clips into a theme, quote, or tasks-based reel. Share them all in one single video.

Transcribe your sessions

View and download verbatim research sessions via AWS services; available in dozens of languages.

Make projects private

Some projects are sensitive. Private Projects allow you to control access to only those who need it.

Export everything

Download the session video and screen recording, transcription, chats, notes, highlights, and reels.


User Interviews 🤝 Lookback Integration

Set up powerful automation and management of participants with the Lookback integration at User Interviews.

Read more at UserInterviews.com

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