Simple, powerful user research.

Get real insights from your customers with a dedicated video research platform.

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Usability Testing

Test prototypes, betas, live apps and websites to understand what’s keeping your users from succeeding. Usability Testing Features ico-arrow-1


Moderated Interviews

Discover what you need about your customer early and often. Private video calls with timestamped notes and virtual observation rooms. Interview Featuresarrow-right-icon


A place to organize & collaborate on your insights

Virtual Observation Rooms, team chat, timestamped notes, shared insights. Keep your team in the loop.

What Lookback replaces

Research labs

Take research and usability testing into the wild. Lookback turns your lab fully remote. Talk to real users, about real experiences, in real contexts. Debrief sessions with your entire team, right in the Lookback player.

Poor fit-video tools

Videoconferencing tools are great, for videoconferencing. Lookback is built from scratch with research top of mind. Whether you are a participant, a moderator, or a stakeholder, you'll fit right in! 

Clunky reports

Lookback puts research right into the natural workflows of your product team. It's faster, more engaging, and fun for the whole team! With Lookback, your research team will get in front of product and lead the way.  


Use Cases

Learn how Lookback can help your team unlock customer insights.


Mixed methods research

At the core of Lookback is a deep belief in empowering researchers.

Yes, we want to change things, but we'll never try to replace researchers or get away from the foundational power of classic mixed methods research.

Lookback offers all qualitative research methods in one easy to use tool.


Product team engagement

Product builders care deeply about how users experience the things they build.

But research doesn't always fit into product team workflows. And that kills engagement! 

With Lookback your product team gets instant access to user conversations in ways that fit with how product is built. Nothing gets lost in translation! 



User research is an art! Not everyone on your team will be good at it.

But everyone can learn something from listening in on customer conversations and observing usability tests.

And everyone can contribute with their perspective.

Built for transparency, Lookback lets you capture and surface all key insights. Even if you were not actively looking for them! 


Arrive at customer insights today.