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From independent researchers to enterprise organizations, Lookback is flexible and powerful.


Lookback is used and loved by some of the best companies in the world

We’re proud to serve customers of all sizes. From independent researchers to enterprise organizations, Lookback is flexible and powerful.

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“Lookback has been an indispensable tool for UX research at Zapier.
It’s the centrepiece of our research ride-along program, enabling 100+ teammates across the company to observe live research sessions over the last year. Lookback makes it easy for our teams to set up studies and learn from our users; I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

— Roy Opata Olende,
Sr Manager, Head of UX Research

“In these unprecedented times, we can’t sit back and wait until COVID-19 is cured or the US/Canadian borders to open. Lookback allowed us to virtually bring several team members, with diverse backgrounds, to the testing room. We observed how patients interacted with the BreatheSuite MDI which has led to valuable insights and allowed us to get the BreatheSuite MDI into the hands of patients worldwide.”

— Dr. Meshari F. Alwashmi, Chief Scientific Officer
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“Taking a 'mobile first' approach to product design, we found Lookback to be the best tool for conducting and sharing user research. It is truly amazing how seamlessly it blends remote and in-person, moderated and unmoderated setups and different platforms. And the recent addition of Rounds takes this experience to a whole new level.”

— Dmitry Pavlov, Senior UX Researcher

“Setting up and running remote or in-person moderated sessions are a breeze. No more piecing together solutions to host, live-stream, record and review one-on-one sessions with customers.”

— Mukesh Nathan, Senior User Experience Researcher

“I like that research is consolidated all in one area. And Lookback is that reliable tool, all in the cloud, all in one place.”

— Juan Atachagua, Evaluative Research Lead

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