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Your new research sidekick captures context, quotes, and candid feedback.

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Qualitative research with AI by your side ✨

Find insights in just moments— not hours, with your new AI powered assistant, Eureka.
Turn your lengthy video playbacks into digestable summaries, supercharge your note-taking, and generate more insights than ever before. Eureka lets you save time and spend it where it matters.

the richness of qualitative research with the speed and ease of AI assistance.

It's a whole new way of researching.

Jump straight to the good stuff.

Quickly navigate your sessions and jump right into the most interesting parts.
When your session is complete, Eureka will automatically transcribe and summarise your session into scannable Headlines.
Qualitative data has never been easier to analyse.


Tap for insights

Focus more on the participant, and less on the notes with our Insight Button.
When something meaningful happens in a session, simply press the Insight button- Eureka will capture the moment and generate the summary for future analysis.

On the horizon

Uncover themes across your research

Running a lot of sessions? Eureka will soon be able to analyse multiple sessions to help you trace themes and trends across your research project.
See the broader picture and discover insights at a macro-level.

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