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Our Good Research Promise


Lookback's Good Research Promise exists to bring confidence to your research.


We all know doing research can be full of surprises, and sometimes that means sessions not working exactly as they should. While the vast majority of sessions done with Lookback are completed successfully, on some occasions you may encounter something… weird. 


We never want you to stress about your session count when things go sideways. That’s why all Lookback sessions are backed by our Good Research Promise—If you encounter a problem that makes your session unusable, just reach out so we can try to determine what went wrong and we’ll be happy to give you a replacement session for free. 


Our customers are our partners. We want to empower your organization to do great things. Our support team is here to make sure your research at Lookback go as smoothly as possible. No matter the issue, if you’re in a tight spot, please get in touch. We'll do everything we can to unblock good research for you and your organization.

Happy Researching!

The Lookback Team

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