"There is too much month left at the end of the money" — Every student ever

Give your students free access to Lookback!

A core objective for Lookback is to lower barriers of entry to UX research. We believe the world needs more research, and more researchers. This is why we've decided to make Lookback free for UXR students. 

How it works

This program is available to any course that requires its students to conduct UX research. If you are a teacher or course administrator, you can apply below. 

Once your application has been approved, we will send you your unique access codes and further instructions. 

The program is free of charge to you and your students, but you will be responsible for distributing access codes to your students, as well as onboarding them on the platform. 

Are you a student?

Access to this program is only given through participation in a course registered with the program.

Your teacher will provide you with all the details needed to register your free Lookback account. The subscription will be valid for one year and the number of sessions included will depend on the nature of the course. 

If your course is not yet part of the program, please send your teacher/course administrator to this page! 

Want to give your students free access to Lookback? Register your course below! 



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