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Randomised Tasks


Sometimes when doing a task-based research study, it's helpful to present the tasks in a random order to see if it affects the outcome. You can now choose that option in your Tasks rounds and each of your participants will receive the tasks in a random sequence.

Localised Language Support

Round editor - language selector

Lookback is now available in Brazilian Portuguese (🇧🇷), Spanish (🇪🇸), French (🇫🇷), and Swedish (🇸🇪).

Just set the preferred language in your Round settings and your participants will enjoy a translated Participant experience.

Transcribe Uploaded Content

When we launched our Upload feature last year, it was not possible to transcribe that content but now you can! Uploaded recordings can now be transcribed just as sessions recorded natively in Lookback. 

Observer Lobby


Having colleagues or stakeholders observe a LiveShare or Interview session live is a great way for them to hear user feedback and understand their experience of your product first hand! Or, it can even be helpful just to invite a colleague to take notes during your session while you moderate so you can concentrate on the participant.

The Observer Lobby now allows you to create observer links ahead of time, making it easier for observers to join your research sessions.

This feature is available now on all Lookback plans and you can read more about it in this help article.

Happy researching!

Extension-Free Lookback (Beta)



We know installing a browser extension can be a serious hurdle for your participants, so Lookback has been hard at work on a way for them to join moderated and unmoderated usability tests in Chrome and Edge browsers just by clicking a link – no downloads or installs required.

Click here to learn how to offer the new experience to your participants 🤓



If you have a Lookback organization that does a lot of research, sometimes it can be difficult to find that one session or project amidst all the others.

That's why we're excited to announce that we've added search functionality to the Lookback dashboard! You'll find it on the left hand side of your dashboard and it will allow you to search across text content in your organization - transcripts, sessions, participants, notes, highlights, etc...

This is our first release in a series of upcoming changes this spring aimed at making sure you can use Lookback not only for doing and collaborating around research, but also as a longer term repository.

Oh, and in other news, we've also added Afrikaans, Danish, English (New Zealand), English (South African), Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese (Traditional) to our transcription options.

Happy reSEARCHing!

The New Lookback and Respondent Integration


Streamline your qualitative research with the new Lookback + Respondent integration

Most of us who do research day-to-day spend a lot of time, well, not doing research. 

That’s because there’s a tremendous amount of planning, preparation, and general administrative overhead in making sure research is done well. This is especially true when we’re using multiple tools to get the job done. 

Today, things just got a little easier.

We’re excited to announce a new integration between Lookback and Respondent that streamlines your research workflows in both tools.

If you’ve heard of Lookback, you already know it’s a great platform for conducting qualitative research sessions like user interviews and usability tests. If you’ve been a Lookback user, you also know it’s the best way to get your team involved in your research - making it easy to watch live research sessions, create highlight reels, and catch full research session recordings.

Our new partner, Respondent, is a powerful recruitment platform, especially for business professionals. You can’t do research without having access to the right people, and Respondent makes it easy to reach exactly who you’re looking for. 

Now that we’re working together, here are some of the new ways to supercharge your research workflow with our new integration:

  1. You can now use Lookback research session links in Respondent with prospective research participants
  2. Recordings will automatically show up on Lookback after a Respondent participant has finished their session
  3. Respondent will automatically update the status of each participant in your study after completion of research sessions on Lookback

For more information on connecting your Lookback and Respondent accounts, check out Respondent's four step guide to integration.

Finally, if you have any questions about the new Lookback + Respondent integration, please reach out to the Lookback support team, we'd be happy to help.

Happy Researching!

Activity Feed


With our new Activity Feed feature, you can see all of your relevant notifications: when someone mentions you in session notes, replies to one of your notes in a thread, or even when a transcription is completed for a session. 

Unmoderated Session Limits


When conducting unmoderated research, you often need to invite more participants than you actually need because not everyone will be available or show up. Now, as a researcher, you can set a limit for how many sessions will be allowed for unmoderated research rounds!

When the round limit is reached, we'll show a message within our apps informing the participant. 

We hope this will open up new use cases for unmoderated research rounds where you can freely distribute participates links without the worry of using up too many sessions or having to pay out too many incentives. Simply set the limit in your round, and you're ready to go!


Threaded Notes


Lookback's time-stamped notes are one of our most popular features. We've made them even more helpful with the addition of our Threaded Notes feature. Now, you can pull in stakeholders and teammates to weigh in on crucial moments of a session, making your research more transparent and impactful.

To reply to an existing note, hover over the note, click "Reply," and type in your reply. You can also collapse the threads to reduce clutter in the session feed.


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