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Read about our latest updates and features.

Activity Feed


With our new Activity Feed feature, you can see all of your relevant notifications: when someone mentions you in session notes, replies to one of your notes in a thread, or even when a transcription is completed for a session. 

Unmoderated Session Limits


When conducting unmoderated research, you often need to invite more participants than you actually need because not everyone will be available or show up. Now, as a researcher, you can set a limit for how many sessions will be allowed for unmoderated research rounds!

When the round limit is reached, we'll show a message within our apps informing the participant. 

We hope this will open up new use cases for unmoderated research rounds where you can freely distribute participates links without the worry of using up too many sessions or having to pay out too many incentives. Simply set the limit in your round, and you're ready to go!


Threaded Notes


Lookback's time-stamped notes are one of our most popular features. We've made them even more helpful with the addition of our Threaded Notes feature. Now, you can pull in stakeholders and teammates to weigh in on crucial moments of a session, making your research more transparent and impactful.

To reply to an existing note, hover over the note, click "Reply," and type in your reply. You can also collapse the threads to reduce clutter in the session feed.


Better Landing Page Behavior in our Mobile Apps


We’re happy to announce a change to how our mobile app browsers work when a landing page exists in a SelfTest, LiveShare, or In-person Round.

Starting with Lookback Participate 2.5.0 for Android, and Lookback Participate 4.9.0 for iOS, the app browser will behave more like the mobile browsers your participants are used to. Read about what this means for your Round setup and the participant experience in our Help Center.

Playable Reels


Highlight Reels are a great way to collect insights and snippets from multiple research sessions into one, easily digestible video. Previously, the only way to view these Highlight Reels in their entirety was to download the file and share it with colleagues and stakeholders.

Now, with Playable Reels, you can playback the entire Reel right from your Lookback dashboard just like any other session and you can even share with those outside of your Lookback Organization using Public Links

Upload your own research


We might be biased, but we believe Lookback is not only a great platform to capture Interviews and Usability Testing with your users, but also for sharing insights with colleagues and stakeholders using time-stamped notes, highlights and highlight reels.

However, there may be times when – for whatever reason – you're not able to conduct a research session in Lookback (e.g. Focus Groups). Previously you'd just have to keep those videos in a separate location and/or download your videos from Lookback and add them to that repository.

We're excited to announce that for the first time ever you can now upload non-Lookback recorded videos into our system! This allows you to collect all your research sessions in one place as well as leverage our notes, highlight reels, and other great features.


2022-07-01 14.19.45


For more information, please check out our Help Article on uploading videos to Lookback.

Editable Transcriptions ✏️


A.I. and machine learning are great, but they're not perfect. While our transcription feature (from AWS) is quite robust, sometimes it doesn't get everything quite right.

Well, now you can fix that with the introduction of editable transcriptions! Not only can you correct any mistakes but you can also link to transcription items or delete them, just as you would with notes and chats. 

User Interviews Integration 🤝


We've had a long standing and good relationship with our friends over at User Interviews, which is a recruitment service. Now, we've taken it to the next level with a joint integration!

On the Lookback side the integration works mostly behind the scenes – you'll only see it as a small message in the modal where you find the participant link. On the User Interviews side recordings of sessions scheduled with their interface will also be accessible at their end. This removes the burden of the manual cross-referencing previously needed when using our two products separately.

You can read more about the integration on User Interview's site here or in our help article.

Preview Links & Preview Sessions

Previewbuttonlinks-1One of the most requested features from our trial and self-serve customers (Freelance, Team, & Insights Hub) has been the possibility to preview a session without using up any “real” sessions. Now, with Preview Links, you can try the participant experience without that session being counted. It's the same flow and has the same device and network requirements as a standard session. Preview Links can be accessed in the Round Editor, and they are used in the same way as a regular participant link, but the recording of a Preview Session will have some special limitations:

  • Limited to 1 minute of playback
  • Transcriptions of sessions are not available
  • Highlight creation is not possible

If later you want to convert a Preview Session to a regular session, that option is available. Once done, you’ll be able to watch the entire video in which case it would be counted against your session quota.

For full details, please see the Preview Links help article.

Easier to Find Team Members


If you have a lot of team members in your Lookback organization, it can sometimes be difficult to find them easily. We’ve made some changes to the UI to help with this:

  1. The default view, Everyone, has been switched to alphabetical sorting by first name.
  2. There’s now a drop-down that allows you to filter team members by role: Collaborators, Observers, or Suspended.
  3. The Owner of your Lookback organization is displayed at the top of the list (but won't be visible if the owner is you).