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Come for the mission, stay for the team.

Champion The Mission

The mission we’re on is one of empathy

We’re firm believers in the unhindered growth potential of each human being. We believe one can do and be so much more than we know, and it takes a truly fantastic and carefully crafted culture to foster that — but it’s doable. That’s what we’re striving for. We hold humans more dear than processes and creativity more dear than structure. We’re seeking to create a culture that celebrates love, growth and business, in a beautiful combination. Not just one above the other. Read more about our company.


We hold our meetings over our homebuilt video service GoTeam, we chat on Slack, we collaborate on Shortcut and GitHub, we do support on Intercom, and we absolutely do not send emails. (Except to customers.)

Working at Lookback means a lot of responsibility. You’d be in charge of your day, of how you set up your working environment, what to do if your colleagues aren’t online or not next to you, and if you’re without guidance. It means we’re looking for individuals with intrinsic desire to be in-flow, who can manage themselves and deliver excellent results. We’re also looking for individuals who are open, willing to learn or teach, who respect themselves and those they work with.

Diversity And Inclusion

The lack of diversity in tech is a big problem. In our line of work it is critical that we have a diverse team. We help companies build and design products that are used by millions of people. Every new person to the team is a chance to add to a pool of perspectives, and make us a better company. In a more general sense, for too long the design and development industry has looked the same – male and white with a gatekeeper mentality. This has lead to massive under-representation in our industry.

We strongly believe that diversification and inclusion benefits all, we’ve seen the impact it has had in our larger team and want to continue to push this in our developer group.

We strongly encourage BIPOC and female candidates to apply.

What We Offer

So if you, too, believe that the world is in for a change in the way products are built, and in for a big time change, then consider applying to us. You should definitely come join the ride!

  • "Nordic 40" Self-Managed PTO
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Fully remote working environment
  • 3 real-life meetups per year
  • Attractive salary with ESOP (stock options)
  • Work with a very talented, energetic, diverse group of people
  • Paid healthcare plans for you and your dependents (U.S only)
  • Safe and positive company culture

Open Positions

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